Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sick as a Dog.

Well today's blog is dedicated to my dog, whom as that lame saying is; "he is sick as a dog". Poor little feller got my up almost every hour last night to go outside to potty. I feel terrible for him, got him in to see the vet today and got him some meds. Nice vet trips, gotta love em....only $80 down the tubes. Would of been more if I had done a different test to determine that he doesn't have worms, because he is on anti-worm junk. I need to get him some doggie insurance or something haha ;[...anyway, going to post a picture of him, his name is Hunk. He totally has only child syndrome and is stubborn as crap so I know he isn't feeling well when all he wants to do is lay down. I hope he gets better soon.....

Probably the cutest thing ever, he dug himself a little cave :p