Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Good Read: "Edge" by Thomas Blackthorne

   Well today, since I've been slacking a bit on the blogging department, decided that it's high time I did a book review. I purchased this book maybe two days ago and just finished it, it's that good. This one has some really gut-wrenching revelations about scientific what-if's, so if futuristic decline scares you, well, suck it up.

   I don't want to reveal too much about the plot, but will give a basic overview of how the story is set up. There are several developed characters in the novel, whom are all richly displayed in a not-so-far-away London/Great Britain setting. Nuclear development and other scientific advances have led to wider distribution of technology, even among children in slums. Guns are banned in Great Britain however knives have become legalized, as a way of curbing 'crime'. What is described by the author to be dueling, is that any citizen wearing a knife, can bear a formal challenge to another knife bearing citizen as a way of resolving conflict. The former United States, (it's now a triumvirate, both seaboards are their own countries) has done something similar by legalizing the usage of firearms in a similar fashion. The main character has a storied past and a bleak future, with some severe violence issues. (He is ex-special forces) So you think to yourself, this must be a friggen violent book. Dang straight. If you are squeamish, I'd not recommend it. However it is definitely one of the best sci-fi/fantasy reads I've come across in a long while.Edge