Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In my attempt to make a new post I butchered my old one :(. Man I suck at this blogging bit, but hope to not make the same mistake again...there were comments on the old one that I missed too....gah. Horrible pathetic fail.

Back when SC was cool....

Starleague, guys in korea who took this game to the pro-level and thus you had crazy fan-dom as well.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Star craft 2

Well I bought starcraft2 not too long ago. Have to say, for playing the original and Broodwar for 12 years running I am still a bit disappointed. The campaign felt very close to the actual game as far as units and game-play were concerned. Not to mention the way the plot developed from the original was very cool and refreshing. Although some of the side missions were pretty sketchy, (go fight for an insane dude and release everyone on a prison planet...brilliant stratagem Raynor), it was truly enjoyable.

As for paying for the next 2 "expansions" to the game... well....protoss and zerg not having a campaign written into Wings of Liberty is a low blow to the wallet for most people, and a legitimate complaint.

Now here comes my rage saved esp. for multi-player. Where in the hell did half the units go? Staple units such as firebats, medics, goliaths, wraiths, (deconstructed into vikings and banshees somewhat), lurkers, defilers, goons, dark archons....the list goes on. How in a theater of war can an intelligent unlearn how to do some awesome things? Its like giving someone an awesome gun then saying its obsolete and giving them a club blizzard?

Anywho, the game runs kinda meh for those who like money maps, everything else ranked wise is match making which I am no fan of either.
It seems to me Blizzard just jumped on the idiot proof wagon trying to make the masses happy although they have done fine with WoW so it makes sense.